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Sunday, 12 April 2020

Lock down catch up

Who would of thought (actually quite a lot of people actually, ut that's another thing)... that we would be sat here in lockdown, during a modern plague.

Something from the past that we have now been exposed to, something the practitioners of old would have been exposed to on a pretty regular basis.

As with many people, Im planning to use this to make more of out thoughts available here on the blog and on the website.

Looks to see more stuff coming.

Keep well and stay safe.
Above all honour

Sunday, 16 February 2020 working again

We are glad to say that the Guild website, is working again.

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Sunday, 9 February 2020

Failure, expertise and time

"The one thing that all expertise theorists agree on is that it takes enormous effort to build" the expert mind, either in the realm of chess or in another discipline, Ross states. 

In the process, "motivation appears to be a more important factor than
innate ability.... The preponderance of psychological evidence indicates" that professionals with outstanding skills, in short, "are made, not born."

Research indicates that the key "is not experience per se but 'effortful study,'" according to Ross. Such study involves learning and practice that entail "continually tackling challenges that lie just beyond one's competence." 
In other words, Lewinski explains, as you gain in ability, "the bar is constantly moved higher so that your skill level must keep stretching and improving to reach it."

The brief goes to say later:
"Instead of departmental policies and priorities that encourage mediocrity, we need a training philosophy that encourages, nurtures and guides the development of expertise. It's what the community expects and deserves."

If you have the burning drive of a 5%er, determined to maximize your Skills regardless of obstacles, understand that "in the early stages, effortful study is very difficult," Lewinski says. 

"Pushing your limits inevitably involves a lot of failure. When you fail, you need to back off a bit, learn to correct your weaknesses, and build your way back up."

"To get really, really good takes time. Be patient with yourself, because you need that time for your training and experience to evolve into mastery."

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Website up and running again

So after much hassle with the site hosts, the Guild website is up and running again

The job of rebuilding th site from scratch has begun, but is a slow process. Also much of the old content was mislaid or disappeared.

We are also updating the content the last over haul of the Guild site was 10 years ago and much has changed since then.

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Saturday, 23 March 2019

If it could have happened, how would it have happened?

After John Waller's death many people obviously remembered things that he had said and done that had an impact on their livers and how they thought about things.

This one was from Guy Wilson, former Master of the Royal Armouries and Johns friend and colleague for many years.

As John and he worked together on many projects, the films, How a Man Schall be armyed, Masters of Defence and the building and setting up of the purpose built museum in Leeds and all that entailed.

Guy was remembering that in the quest to attempt to understand and to understand and bring history to life we needed to ask this question...

That it was an ongoing question, that one can not continue to question what we know and what we believe about the the answers we have.

Others may do that but evenn iof they don't we should questions it ourselves.

The renowned archaeologist Sir Mortimer Wheeler, an influence on John in his youth from his appearances on television amounsgt others things,  said that any theory he had, if not challenged by others after some time, then he needed to challenge it himself.

We can not be too certain of what we know, with any subject, and especially when dealing with one separated from us in time or about which we may have little or small amounts of information.

More worrying than not knowing something is being too certain of what we think we know.

If it could have happened, how would it of happened.

A year

A year...
As near as. 
John Waller Guild Master died shortly after the last post here. 

So a number of other things have gotten in the way. However other things have happend as there is always the opertunity for new things... Until there isn't. 

So hopefully new things will be happening soon. 

Above all honour. 

Friday, 13 April 2018

Roman caestus found at Vindolanda

One for the pugilists.
Two leather caestus of twork different types found preserved at the auxiliary fort f Vindolanda...