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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Helsingor Seminar and Nylon Swords

I will be in Denmark next weekend doing a seminar for the Helsingor Chapter. It will take place on Friday and Saturday, this is as Denmark has next Friday as a public holiday! The seminar will look at the relation of Fiore and the Guild and its Principles.

Guild Study Group Leader and Knight Shop owner Bryan Tunstall says that the new nylon swords should be in full production from Thursday/Friday this . Fingers crossed

Everyone should take their hats off to Bryan for going to the lengths he has to start a quality yet mass produced and therefore reasonably priced range of nylon weapons. It has been a huge investment in energy, time and finaces which can only benifit the whoel range of WMA groups.

He is planning on expanding the range, and has been talking to me about the development of the daggers, starting with rondel and cross hilt, which like the swords can be assembeled from commponent parts and also Dec du Faucon and Poll axes. both of which there is a demand for.

I look forward to seeing how the range expands.

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