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Monday, 25 October 2010

Happy Saints Crispinus and Crispianus day!

Hope that everyone can celebrate the Day and the battles that took place..
Poitiers Charles Martel 732
Agincourt 1415
Balaklava 1854
Battle of Leyte Gulf in the Pacific theater in 1944.

Who can tell me the they are the patron saints of. Responses in the comments box of the blog please and unfortunately no prize other than knowing that you know!



  1. According to the Faversham Town website, they're the patron saints of shoemakers and saddlers.
    It's probably not meant to be taken literally and applies to all manufacturers of leather goods ;-)

  2. 8')
    The legend goes that fleeing persecution they worked as shoe makers, hence the link, but it has expanded to leather goods in general

  3. oh, cool. Didn't know they actually had expanded - was just paraphrasing Life of Brian!
    (blessed are the cheese makers etc.)