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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

New synthetic weapons

The new synthetic swords developed by Guild Study Group leader and Knight Shop owner, Bryan Tunstal, are nearly ready for sale. The single handers and longsword, while initially aimed at sparring and competition, Something not advocated in the Guild can also be used for training.

The are a little lighter than the original swords but come in at better weight than many steel trainers and other wooden wasters on the market. Most importantly their balance and heft are close to the real thing. On top of this they come at a very reasonable price. They are modular in design and so grips, cross, pommel and blade can be de-assembled for ease of transport and replacing parts or for just get the best configurations. I seems that the will be able to mix the mouldings to get different weight blades.

Talking to Bryan daggers, poll axe heads have been requested and synthetic bucklers are on the way.

All in all a really good addition to the market

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Nothing new to post yet, but articles are in the pipeline.