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Monday, 3 May 2010

Helsingor seminar

I would like to thank everyone at the Helsingor Chapter for their hard work over the two day seminar. Especially to Mikkel, Thorbjorn and Martin, for arranging and organising the various aspects and for providing me with lifts etc.

Everyone worked hard and applied themselves to the training with good energy and commitment.

We looked at plays from Fiores unarmed, dagger and longsword. Applying the Guild Principles, and also looking at the role, of "winner and loser" in set plays. We also examined keeping set plays truthful yet spontaneous, through the use of variable Speed, Timing, Distance, Intention etc. We also worked on the importance of the correct mind set, when both entering and exiting from a set play. I will be going in to these areas in more detail in a later article.
We also looked at the transition between the footwork in Fiore and the Guild.
As always the social aspect was enjoyable, and we had great seafood at Mikkels house on Friday night, and some went to Esrum Monastery on Sunday morning, where I gave them some tips on their archery, the Chapter having 3 longbows.

Once again a great weekend.