The European Historical Combat Guild

Investigating Europe's Historical combative methods and behaviours



The philosophy, teaching and beliefs of the Guild are those advocated by John Waller. These have been used successfully for over 50 years in the practice and teaching of European Historical combat. It is believed that there are certain factors that can be held to determine the way in which a combat takes place. They are:

* Body mechanics, human kinestheology, physics
* The weapons being used
* The clothing/protection worn by the combatants
* The environment in which the combat takes place
* The intention of the combatants

John Waller’s system is based on certain principles of body use and combat behaviour, many of which are borne out by the old European manuals as well as being shared by other martial arts around the world. Each fighter/student shall be assessed on an individual basis, allowing for height, size and speed, and the techniques taught should suit their particular physicality. All weapons training should encourage students to become aware of their body’s responses when carrying out various physical actions of attack and defence, and how these responses can be controlled. This awareness can be experienced from the beginning of training, if all offensive or defensive actions are made using eye contact, balance and intent.

The interest was in the general/universal Principles that underlie combat behaviour. It could be described as the study of hopology. These should be used as tools to help in ones personal growth and development in the skills and to facilitate the exploration of ones areas of interest rather than the whole organisation focusing on a specific style, lineage, Mater, weapon or period,

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