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Sunday 3 July 2011

Help to get a high quality publication of the works of Fiore

Passing this information on for a couple of reasons. Firstly it looks interesting and well produced, and secondly as they mention the success of this book will influence the Getty Museum as to whether they publish all four editions of Fiore's work.
I have already pre-ordered a copy for myself.


The Getty MS of Fiore dei Liberi as you’ve never seen it before! Featuring all-new digital photography that lets you see detail down to the texture of the parchment, together with a detailed explanation of the manuscript by Dr. Ken Mondschein, Research Fellow at the Higgins Armory Museum, noted expert on historical fencing, and discoverer of the Paris manuscript of Fiore dei Liberi. Even if you already have digital images of the MS, you will find the new photography even sharper and more detailed.

Now available for preorder! Enter coupon code GPMON11 to receive this book for only $12!

Good sales of this book are critical to the medieval martial arts community, since the Getty’s decision to proceed with an edition of all four of Fiore dei Liberi’s manuscripts (by Ken Mondschein and Tom Leoni with Greg Mele) will be based on how many copies we move. Please support our work!


PLEASE spread this message to all applicable message boards!

Introduction to Fiore’s life and work
Background information on weapons and armor in Fiore’s life and times
Detailed views of all the masters and poste featuring all-new digital photography
Detailed sequences of plays shown in sequence
Sections on Wrestling, Dagger Defense, Sword, Fighting in Armor, Polearms, Equestrian Combat, and Improvised Weapons and Dirty Tricks


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